Saturday, October 11, 2008

Politics and Life ,The Democratic Process

Watching the political equivalent of a WWF match lately I'm wondering what we tell our children about it all.

Its gotten pretty dirty .

Every ones scrambling to make that final last hour pitch to the undecided voter.

Bringing full guns to blow.Nothing seems to be off limits.

Do we tell our kids to win at any cost?

or do we tell them to play fair,take the high road,and chance losing?

Do we tell them to let the better person win or do we tell them its more important to make folks think you're the better person even if you're not?


Does this political process hold a mirror's view of who we truly are or does it serve as a warning of what we may become?

Hell,I don't know.I'm hoping all people aren't really capable of such raw nasty hatred.I'm hoping that what I see is only a small percentage .The kooks and crazies.

I'm hoping we have evolved beyond the gut wrenching putrid vile .That were a better class of being.

I'm hoping with fingers crossed that we really are the land of the free.The great melting pot of dreams come true and open arms.I'm hoping our children are a kinder and gentler group.That they don't inherit the warts we wear on our collective consciences.I'm hoping ,because what will become of us If they're not?

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