Thursday, February 21, 2008

chicken noodle shampoo

Today it snowed more than it has in one day alone all winter.The tater tots and I were really cranked up about building a snow man after lunch.

Guess the excitement was too much for the youngest tot.
I left the table to get more oranges from the kitchen.When I came back there (all smiles) was the B man happily washing his hair in his chicken noodle soup.
I said what happened? He said "what do you mean what happened?" He looked at me like i just bought the last ticket to crazy town.I asked again pointing now...what happened? He said "I need towel please I wash hair!"As I watch the noodles slide off his curley little noggin I your soup? He says " my high chair!"Sooooo snow man was called on acount of soup.On the positive side,his hairs never been so shiney.I might just try it myself!

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