Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ive Fallen and I cant get Up!

Today Steve decided to be sweet and do some laundry .Who was I to turn down a free-be like that??? (even though my spidy senses told me there was something behind this generous offer)

Did I mention basketball was on tv and we have a big screen in the basement one room over from the laundry? aah..starting to fall in place now!
So he goes skipping(well ok maybe not skipping) down the steps smug in the knowledge that a load of laundry or 2 will get him a get out of chores free card for at least an hour or 2.plenty of time to catch the game.

Did i also mention the old saying "no good turn goes unpunished"? ok well now i am
2/3's of the way down the steps,arms over flowing with semi carefully sorted clothes(I pointed out the red shirt peeking out of his load of whites...because come on..who wants a man wandering around in pink socks and undies?
Well where was I? Oh yes..hes almost to the bottom when crash! the stairs break! They slipped out of the runner board that joins them down the left side.Bunns over tea kettle he sails through the air.Luckly he landed in the laundry.Hes ok.But now hes trapped in the basement.No problem he says.Ive got my drill.Just toss me some big nails and a hammer.

All we had in the line of nails were tiny picture hangers.So I call a friend.I get the feeling shes not listening because she says "will a dreamcicle work"?

Mean while Steve finds nails but the drill is dead.Has to recharge.So hes trapped.
Trapped and by now hungry.He can smell the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I just made.

How to get some to him...I tried lobbing them down but managed to take out the light bulb and hit the Tv.So being a craft Ninja I went to work,I built a food sled.(pause for awe and admoration)(grin)

I filled a container with cookies taped it to the "sled" and presto!Hes still trapped down there.I hear him hammering now.Im pretty sure I can send him the soup I made for dinner..if I can just find that garden hose....

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