Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Helping the Hungry

Well it's happening again.More folks are getting laid off.More moms,dads and grandparents wondering how to stretch the ever shrinking dollars left in their pockets to cover gas ,rent food.Nothing hurts a parent more than the look of hunger on their childs face.

Usually we only think of donating our extra canned goods and dollars during the holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas.Well I was doing some reading today and the food banks are suffering.Many say they dont know how they will be able to keep their doors open much longer.The increase in joblessness and the decrease in donations are hitting them hard.If you are one of the blessed who still have jobs to go to and can enjoy a night out now and then please consider donating the extras in your cupboards or the money you would have spent on that night on the town.

Now more than ever we need each other.Now more than ever we need to be the angels on the shoulders of the moms and dads out there that are as we speak looking into the faces of the children that rely on and trust them so much.Let no one go hungry tomorrow.

As my grandmother use to say when things were tough and neighbors were going hungry,let them come to us.We'll just add a bit more water to the stew.

We can help.We should help.We must help.Here in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area we have the freestore food bank and several other orginizations despirate for your help.Im sure there are places in your areas too.Please take a moment and contact them.A hand up is all we need .Be that hand.

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