Thursday, February 14, 2008

The switch to digital TV signals

Today I recieved an email from The U.S.P.R.G (the federation of state Public Interest Research Groups ) reminding me that on February 19th 2009 all T.V. stations will be mandated to start broadcasting their signals on digital wave lengths instead of the analog signal we recieve now.

This means that any of you who watch free over the air television will have to make some changes.Those of you using cable or satalite have no worries.Now it will become a bit confusing when the time comes.Even many stores are unsure of what you will need to do to keep watching over the air T.V. and may suggest a newer T.V. Well I went serching and there will be a converter box you will need to purchase (no new t.v. unless you have a hubby like mine who is just looking for an excuse to buy bigger and better) (grin).

The government is offering coupons you can get twords the purchase of any converters you may need.Each older t.v. you own that only recieves over the air stations will need one.Converter boxes will run from $40 to $70 dollars each and here is the link and phone number to the government office to recieve your $40 dollar coupons.You may request more than one coupon.Heres to less confusion and happy T.V. viewing for years to come. or by calling 1-888-388-2009

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